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  Frequently Asked Questions

  How to apply for an ESTA

Frequently asked questions
• How close is Encantada to the Disney Parks?
  15 minutes drive from the main Disney Parks - Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom.
• Do we need to bring bed linen and towels?
  No. The townhouse will have fresh bed linen, towels and beach towels available for your arrival.
• Can I cook food in the townhouse?
  Yes. The kitchen is fully equipped with a large selection of cutlery. As well as a cooker and dish washer, other appliances provided include a microwave, toaster, kettle, blender and coffee maker. There is also a fire extinguisher and first aid kit located in the kitchen.
• Can I wash clothes in the townhouse?
  Yes, a washing machine and clothes dryer are located in the ground floor hall.
• Do I need to bring my hair dryer and travel iron?
  No, a hairdryer, iron and ironing board are provided.
• What is the voltage in the townhouse?
  The voltage is 110v in USA unlike the 240v supply in the UK. If you intend to take your appliances, you will need an US travel plug.
• Can I park my car outside the property?
  Yes, there is plenty of free parking in front of the townhouse including disabled parking.
• How can I view your photos?
  On our 'Townhouse' and 'Encantada' pages, make sure to hover over the small images to see a larger version and to hover over the numbers to view more photos.
  For even more photos, please visit our Flickr page.
How to apply for an ESTA
• All United Kingdom passport holders must have a valid ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) to travel to the USA for business or pleasure.
  It is recommended to apply at least 72 hours prior to departure.
  To apply online for an ESTA, visit the Electronic System for Travel Authorization official US Government web site.
  You will need your destination address, flight and passport details.
  Applying for an ESTA currently costs $14.
  The fee includes $4 to recover administration costs and a mandatory $10 travel promotion fee.
Important US travel information
• To travel to the USA, you need to have a full 6 months left on your passport from the date you return to the UK. You could be refused entry and sent back on the next plane if
  you don't!
• As with all overseas holidays, it is recommended to inform your credit card provider of your travel arrangements before departure.
• Car hire companies will only accept credit card payments and will request to see your driving license.
Travel Insurance
• Travel Insurance is highly recommended for all members of your party as private medical care is very expensive.
  If you are unfortunate to be taken ill on your vacation and your condition is deemed serious, I would advise to directly visit the "Florida Hospital Celebration Health"
  which is located on the 192, about 5 miles from Encantada.
  The patient will need photo ID and a credit card as a payment of 10% of the bill is required. Take your travel insurance details too.
  There are also several medical centres located in Kissimmee and Orlando but for anything serious they would direct you to the nearest hospital after charging you of course!
• Each airline decides on the amount of free baggage carried for each passenger. Check the allowance as detailed on your ticket before packing your entire wardrobe!
• If you have many suitcases, you may require an airport baggage trolley. UK airports tend to charge a non-refundable pound coin) per trolley.
  Orlando International Airport charges a non-refundable $5 to hire one or you can hire a porter.
Driving tips
• If you are driving a vehicle in Florida, you must carry identification and your driving license with you.
• You are allowed (and expected) to turn right on red at most traffic lights if it is safe to do so. When traffic lights continuously flash yellow it is just a warning - you can proceed   with caution.
• It is quite normal when highway driving to overtake vehicles on the inside which means that you can happily drive in any lane. If you want to change lane, signal, wait for a gap   and then go.
• The exit lanes on highways are marked with large 'Exit' yellow signs. If you intend to continue to proceed along the highway then you need to move into the next lane.   
  The exit lanes can be right or left lanes and also double lanes.
• If you hire a car, consider hiring a Satellite Navigation System too from the car hire company (approx $10 a day) or look into buying one from a supermarket like Walmart or   SuperTarget.
• When you finally arrive at a theme park, remember exactly where you parked the hire car. The car parks quickly fill up and those empty spaces that were behind your car when
  you arrived will be gone when you return to your car!
The History of Encantada
Building work of the first phase of the Encantada Resort was started in 2006 by Park Square Homes. This included the clubhouse and communal swimming pools, play area, the roads and footpaths and a number of holiday homes which were sold quickly. The plots of the unbuilt homes were marked out and have cables and pipes ready for the actual buildings to be built. The resort is designed for 372 houses. 184 were built in 2006/07. These comprised of 6 or 4 townhouses grouped together in a block with the end units having 4 bedrooms with a large pool and the middle units having 3 bedrooms with a smaller splash pool.
During the recession and lack of buyers, Park Square Homes only built homes to order when 3 or more units had been sold in a block. So in 2009, 10 more houses were built including the one advertised here. The end units were mostly the same design and the middle units were increased to 4 bedrooms. The bar in the clubhouse also suffered due to the recession and was closed.
In 2010, Club La Costa (CLC) offered to buy a number of the unbuilt units and lease the bar area in the clubhouse. 48 houses were bought by CLC. The end units were reduced to 3 bedrooms and the middle units reduced to 2 bedrooms. All CLC houses do not have a private swimming pool but a spa. In 2011, CLC have bought another 54 off the plot houses. Building work started in July 2011. This purchase of the second phase triggers a condition in the bar lease agreement. CLC had to buy 96 units in order to undertake a 10 year lease for the clubhouse bar area and some of the clubhouse office space. CLC have also bought the remaining 64 units at Encantada.
Contrary to some CLC adverting, CLC do not owned the Encantada Resort or clubhouse but only the number of houses bought to date. The resort is managed by a Home Owner Association.
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See this holiday home and our guest reviews at HomeAway
See this holiday home and our guest reviews at HomeAway
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